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Who are Collingwood's untouchables where they are unable to be tossed up in a tr

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ShawImo Clarke and Didak too that list. Either way the fact remains that you must give up quality to gain quality, and you do not have good draft picks.our immediate concern right now is , The Ruck . I can't believe the people who are saying Rusling could be trade bait. (eg.That's W.or aPendlebury/ Clarke - Combo etc etc( or a duo of similar ilk ) + big Cash.he is a disgracewhats the point of trading josh and not gaining a ruckmen in return thats y u cannot involve josh in any judd moveoverall-------- we have to have judd as our number 1 priority of trade weekand we should not be tight arses about it and give w.Swan, Brown, Reid, Dawes and Harry O should be untouchable too as their value is far higher to us then it is at market value. Judd trade)My untouchable players are endles, Thomas, T. Didak/Thomas - combo .don't give us this .Anyone not on this list can be sent to West Coast with a bow!Originally Posted by magpie Become the Draft pick experts pffff.ShawPendlebury, Thomas, Cloke, H Shaw, ClarkeOriginally Posted by Brahma BullWho are Collingwood's untouchables, where they are unable to be tossed up in a trade. Christ ! .but Geelong had a bad night excuse, sure you did'nt look yourselves- true , but then, either did we ! and if we could do it all again next week, even with Fraser out - i think we'd love too.C Judd Overrating themselve's !now.just close ur eyes and think CHRIS JUDDhe is the best player in the AFLOriginally Posted by rusdid24ClarkeH. that's Piggish' behaviour! with our quality in young player depth , we have great potentual to raise some real up coming stars, while having the extra bargaining power with semi good quality players with who we can trade next. (eg.that's not Collingwood being Pig Headed.Pendles, Cloke and Didakfraser and travis.will they be better in the future than judd?i think not!collingwood supporters overrate talent. personally, if we were to give away a .lol personally, i think our long deep list of recruiting is far better than yours, and the future should hopefully tell the simply turned a potentual bunch of irrational ( Mooney) or lazy ''so called'' has been's ( Too Many To Mention) ( last year ) , into very decent players who have since gained respect - which is what should happen ! i'm real sorry though, that you've ignorantly mistaken Collingwood's long term goals / smart business practices,with pig headedness. now, had we had Fraser in last night as planned, you'd have been gone by 2 goals +either by his goals , or shot's set up for other's, by him. Your going to run into problems unless you drop a couple of big earners and Buckley doesn't count due to the veteran conditions. Judd trade)My untouchable players are endles, Thomas, T. The bloke will be a GUN.are the 2 untouchablesc judd is the best player in the leaguethere is no player which we could keep to be of more valueOriginally Posted by magpie Thomas will be up for BIG pay rises as they are into their 3rd year, as all players are restricted to a low salary for their initial 2 seasons.then Judd W. Cloke is likely to be demanding more also.Been following footy long?.Totally. He is that fast on the lead, also has good hands as shown by last night's game, and I think his kicking isn't that bad.Originally Posted by Stakerzyou are joking right?dead serious mateewe need a ruckman-- guy richards is not a ruck mens arse hole. I can't recall what you offered Port for Stevens but you missed the boat with him. However, I would literally not give away one single player on this list in any potential trade.C can kiss our arse's in my opinion.Who are Collingwood's untouchables, where they are unable to be tossed up in a trade.Cloke, H. If your club is pig headed like they were in the Nick Stevens situation, you could miss out all together. but we can't hey - so let's plan it for next year .Originally Posted by shawthing09Imo Clarke and Didak too that list.Swan, Brown, Reid, Dawes and Harry O should be untouchable too as their value is far higher to us then it is at market value.Cloke, H. The powers of Collingwood think they are above the law and they aren't.c anything they want within reasonall of these players can be traded for juddmust think. I'm looking forward to see what happens.we ( Collingwood) love being underestimated !Originally Posted by Stakerzyou are joking right?So you think we should trade the only ruckman we have.

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