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I grew up in C-bus and spent alot of time in the North End/The Nordecke

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In regards to trendsetter, I think we may be the only supporters in the world that do the whole badanna's deal.Originally Posted by ThreeCWe ripped off all those chants from elsewhere too.The only true Nordecke original I know of that is catching on is:Blanco where's your neck!? Blanco, Blanco where's your neck!?!LOVE IT! PC!Originally Posted by Placid CasualFor sure. I want to know if anyone else seems to think that the crew fans are amongst the most influential in the league.first of all, the riot squad is maybe 60 people or so, so small are their numbers that they do not even take up the entire section (and it's one of those corner sections too, so it's about half the size of a regular one) and behind the riot squad sits several rows of 'non-hooligans'.At least we get mocked a lot for it by those overseas. It's our style though and at least we have one, no matter what people think of it.anyways, the main point i wanted to make before i got sidetracked was that a number of the songs the riot squad used were clearly columbus-borrowed chants! ok, i accept that many chants and themes are probably borrowed from england origonally and plus some american chants probably get spread by sam's army, but this was not the casewe love ya! we love ya! and where you go we'll follow, we'll follow! cause we support.Toronto. It happens. Everything is ripped off from somewhere. I remember one or 2 northenders had moved to LA around 2001ish, perhaps the riot squad was born from these crew fans?now don't get me wrong, i have nothing against this. L A! L A! . It is all pretty recycled. Everything is ripped off from somewhere. Everything is ripped off from somewhere. I was with family, so i didn't sit with the riot squad, although i was pretty close to them and i was paying attention to their chants.WTF??? i found this odd, not only because i had originally hear it in c-bus, but because shouting LA doesn't really fit well with the song in the way that CO-LUM-BUS fits rythmically, it's almost as if someone tried to take an existing chant and force in their own team's name. It is all pretty recycled.For sure. It happens.I grew up in C-bus and spent alot of time in the North End/The Nordecke. a fews years ago i moved to southern california and last time i found myself (for the first time) at an LA galaxy home game.I saw a bunch of Nordecke copycats this weekend while I was watching the EPL coverage. I think the main thing is that we american soccer fans all are unified at the end of the day under the national team and it's flattering for LA fans to be using the great crew chants to their own needs.Originally Posted by Placid CasualFor sure. but I can't imagine many other MLS teams having such a fan section as the crew does, surely they must be jealous!so for those of you who have traveled to stadiums around the league, how does the nordecke compare to other mls supporter groups?We ripped off all those chants from elsewhere too. on the other side of the stadium i spotted the remains of the 'galaxians', who were about 12 people; plus another group that seemed to sport the colors of a honduran or el salvador fan section that was a little smaller than the riot squad.LolOriginally Posted by radmonkeyLolPoignant. ok, for all i know, maybe another team's fans turned this song into a chant and it spread to other teams, i'll but we all cheer for the la galaxy! ok, that's not right dude, there is no way that any other team used this chant before us and there is no doubt that the la fans are using an existing song and changing the name because they can't come up with a good sounding song of their own.this reminded me of some old times at crew stadium when we had all of those factions that were spread around different places before we got unified as the nordecke, but even if these fans do unify it would not come close to the nordecke (might be similar to the old north end of 1999).I also went to crew/fire game in chicago this year and i found that the fire's fan section did not compare to the nordecke (they seemed about the same size to the group of c-bus supporters who made the trip in fact!) I havn't been to other places like toronto and all the other stadiums.

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