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Code % of season completed 57

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7%2002158211410817.You are correct.5%2002161341349321.5%17.Whew what a mess. Per MLSNet.7%25.6%17.5%2008165001527111.3%2004157511339026.1%2007149131413011.9%2000134181289133.5%2008165001527111.comA at NY: 23,238Hou at Tor: 20,172Col Rapids at DC: 18,248RSL at Col Crew: 12,922SJ at Chi: 14,228Chiv at NE: 10,997Maybe the US Open Cup games were included?Hou at Sea: 4,895Roch at DC: Couldn't locate2,457 for DC in the plex.1%17.5%18.7%25.8%YearAverageMedian%lt;10K%gt;20k1996199411733918.7%2001147981384424.0%2004155591328524.4%16.Here is a more correct version.3%1997146191273325.7%26.6%16.0%16.4%18.3%1998150101201322.7%2006155041417518.3%2005151081261927.7%2001147981384424.1%2000137561269034.3%2004157511339026.8%200716770153538.7%26.1%17.Code:% of season completed57.9%26.3%1998143121187126.5%18.6%19.3%11.5%2003146041354229.2%16.7%2005146001207730.5%2003146041354229.7%2008164591518811.2%29.0%2004155591328524.8%AAQ:Average: 3rd out of 14Median: 3rd out of 14lt;10K: 3rd out of 14gt;20k: tied for 7th out of 14AAQ=(3+3+3+7.7%2006155041417518.9%1999154111360827.5%2001149621343126.6%2003148981364123.4%12.9%26.3%15.5)/4=4. Is that a sellout or something? If not, then this is a terrible number even for the Open Cup.9%2000134181289133.1%18.8%1997153471326117.6%16.I did that too quickly today.8%200716770153538.2%29.8%1997153471326117.It helps frame what is going on in the league.4%16.8%.2%2006148621311122.1%16.1%2007149131413011.5%34.7%2002158211410817.5)/4=4.3%1998143121187126.AAQ:Average: 5th out of 14Median: 3rd out of 14lt;10K: 3rd out of 14gt;20k: tied for 7th out of 14AAQ=(5+3+3+7.1%2000137561269034.3%2005151081261927.I believe I now have it fixed.3%15.Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me.5%2002161341349321.8%18.2%2006148621311122.3%1998150101201322.6%2009154901447915.5%Final NumbersYearAverageMedian%lt;10K%gt;20k1996174061509321. the average is 5th, not 3rdthanks though!!I'm seeing 5th for Average, not 3rd.1%1999142821297332.Took a while to unravel.6%20.6%16.125unless your numbers in the top are off.0%16.6%2009154901447914.See the following two posts.8%18.Code:% of season completed57.4%12.7%2008164591518811.0%24.625Andy,I really appreciate the work you do every week.Two things I thought were odd were under 10k going up even though no games under 10k and over 20k not changing despite 33% of games being over 20k.6%16.2%Final NumbersYearAverageMedian%lt;10K%gt;20k1996174061509321.6%2003148981364123.5%2001149621343126.2%16.3%18.6%17.6%25. how did lt;10K go up with no under 10K games this week?Thanks.1%18.The spreadsheet got corrupted.9%18.3%1997146191273325.3%18.9%18.0%24.5%34.6%25.However .8%YearAverageMedian%lt;10K%gt;20k1996199411733918.0%18.1%1999142821297332.7%2005146001207730.3%11.9%1999154111360827.0%18.5%17.6%20.

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